Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If Christians were Christian - 003 (An Unreal Dream)

[This is a continuation of my series "If Christians were Christian (an Unreal Dream)". You can find the rest of the series here]. 

The Ugly Reality:

Wow. The Southern Poverty Law Center, long noted for its stance against and documentation of hate speech and actions in the USA, finally got around the naming some of the most Jesus-loving and God-obeying aggressively and viciously Gay-hating and anti-Christ organizations of our day for their garbage. And, unlike most "progressive" and "advocacy" groups around the United States of America in the last twenty years, it's actually had backbone and courage enough to stand up for what it did.

The moral psychosis of the Religious Right today is amazing not only in its willingness to break every command of Jesus over the heads of "the least of these", but also in its howling accusations that anyone who recognizes it for what it is -- a culture of evil -- is actually "persecuting" and trying to "defame" and silence it. Never mind that its actually the Religious Right doing the persecuting, defaming, and trying to silence. Truly, friends, people with schizophrenia (who struggle honestly with pain) don't have delusions like this (which are about causing others' pain, and feeling mighty blessed in doing so).

The Daydream not to hold your breath for:

If the Religious Right today were really Christian:
  • It would recognize that using junk "science" and falsified "studies" to "prove" anything is LYING
  • It would recognize that using those false facts and figures against another person or people is BEARING FALSE WITNESS
  • It would recognize that even if it does think the Bible condemns Gays, women, Blacks, or (insert "least of these" group oppressive "Christians" want to pick at on any given day), its response should be within its own communities and churches, and not out futzing around making deals with the devil to force the world into "its" own mold (and it would notice that "its" mold seemed, strangely enough, to look just like the devil's) -- because to do anything else would be BEING CONFORMED TO THE WORLD.
  • Since it would realize something was wrong in its heart, it would be digging anew into the remakes and other versions of the Bible its created, to root out all the false teachings it had inserted into the Word of God and taught to so many even non-Christian others, because not to would be being a FALSE TEACHER.
  • It would be struck to the floor with repentance over how poorly it has treated other human beings, and how badly its misrepresented the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because it had REJECTED THE REAL JESUS.
  • It would be self-policing against all this kind of anti-Christ nonsense in the future, not denying the Holy Spirit at work within the lives of Gay Christians whom the Lord has proclaimed part of His people, because to do so would be to DENY GOD THE RIGHT TO DO AS HE PLEASES.
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