Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday links 12/17/2010

Some Christmas flamingos we added to a friend's lawn :-)
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Because of how deeply corrupt and sinful the world has become these days, it just remains so important to take a look at things behind what the most obvious or most popular answer is. For example, it turns out a lot of the people getting "caught" trying to do or plan some kind of "domestic terrorism" in the USA are actually being set up by governmental authorities to do these things so they could get "caught". But if we only look at the official version of things, we're going to believe that the real threat to us is the foolish people (or diseases, or whatever) getting nabbed in these nets (when their real threat is tiny or nonexistent), when it's actually the ones who are being "tricksy" (meaning, the powerful who are not only getting people to do bad things, but also lying and exaggerating to justify greater and greater control over everyone). Just as important is recognizing this kind of corruption and evil is also a big problem in the religious world. If we're only going to see or believe the official, obvious, or most popular answer to what Jesus wants, when He's going to show up to clean house, whether or not He condemns Gay people, and so on, then very often we're going to misinterpret what the real threats are to our salvation, to our brothers and sisters, to our world. Or, we're going to become more and more immune to what's around us and just stop caring about anything but ourselves. Either way, we're going to think we're doing all right, when actually we're working for the devil side of things.

I love photography (especially stuff like this, and this. This is also cool because it's photos of something else I love: dioramas). I do a little bit of it myself now and then, but nowhere near the quality I so admire in so many others. Here's a link page to some tips for everyone on how to take better pictures -- and make them even more cool.

God's universe, just showing off again. 

And another hero.And some more.

The story I have in my head and heart this week is about seeing our way past frustration:
Corrie ten Boom said that when she visited the Soviet Union many years ago, no one would talk with her about Jesus because the communists had spies everywhere. One day a young woman she met in a public park even warned her that the tourist hotels were all bugged and tape recordings made of what was said in each room, so those were the least safe place for anyone to listen. Everyone was afraid, and Corrie was so frustrated, not being able to tell anyone about Jesus! She feared she'd wasted her whole trip. 
But as she sat in her hotel room that night, she noticed the mesh top of a microphone, buried in the floor. She decided that if these were the only people who wanted to hear what she had to say, she would share Jesus with those spies who were listening! Every night she would get on the floor and preach into that little microphone, not knowing if she was having any effect at all.Until, that is, the morning when she realized two Soviet officers were sitting next to her at breakfast. She could tell from how they hovered that she had indeed been sharing the Gospel, because these two men were there to "investigate".
Only God knows how many God-rejecting communists heard the Gospel message either from Corrie's lips, or from the recording tapes made of her hotel room? And only God knows how many came to Christ, because she didn't let frustration stop her from doing what was in her heart to do!
What's frustrating you this week? What are some ways you can turn things around and make good anyway?

Have a great weekend, and I'll be back here next week!

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