Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday links 12/10/2010

Hawaiian bobtail squid
It's often said that Gays and Lesbians need to be "out" so our friends and family and coworkers can see how normal we are, so fewer people will hate or despise us. Here's a great article from a former Gay-hater talking about just that. 

Who isn't needing to save some money -- and some heat -- this winter? We used to do this all the time when I lived in the frigid midwestern USA. Now it seems everyone can benefit to one degree or another, outside the warmest band at the equator!

At last, some science behind what people are mostly getting when they so much enjoy "going to church" -- and it isn't God. Turns out belonging to a human community -- having a social circle, in other words -- is what makes people in churches happier than those outside, and not so much the God stuff. In short, when people "in church" have the social ties and friendships that most people in our alienated society do not have these days, they are happier. We need to keep that in mind when it comes to our longings: are we truly longing for God, or for the human fellowship we might find in a religious organization? (This study also shows why people "in church" are so hot to get more people in, even to claiming that "church" = "God", and leading people to just most religious stuff without figuring out the God stuff themselves: it expands and justifies their social circles).

Do you enjoy writing, but have gotten "off track" lately? Here are a couple of writing bloggers who will be helping get folks back on track for 2011, during the month of January -- and all for free. 

It's true that people have anticipated the end of the world a million times in the past, and many use that as reason to discount any End Times ideas today. But there's a big difference between then and now, and it shows up in articles like this (and this, and this, and even this and this). Yes, there has always been pollution and war and so on in times past, but never before have chemical, nuclear, biological, and other technological "advances" been set waiting in the wings while their potential for nation and world-side destruction and suffering and oppression grows beyond comprehension. Is this reason for us to fear or obsesses on the End Times? Absolutely not. But it is reason to understand the truth of the Bible and why we need to keep ourselves devoted always and only to our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Well, it's official: our brains decide what we will see before we see it, and then we see what we expected to see instead of what's there (wha..?) Of course, stage magicians have known all this for some time!

More of God's creation showing off -- this time, the sun. This week people have also been talking about God's solar powered hornets, His squid with cloaking devices, and one of the moons He placed around Saturn. God is so awesome!

There aren't that many squirrels where I live now, but if you've lived where there are lots you know squirrels aren't always the brightest lights in the bucket at getting themselves across traffic safely. Here are some folks who built and have been maintaining a squirrel bridge for their little fur-friends. Awwww!

Just US $25 will get a Christmas Care Package to some of our persecuted brothers and sisters in India.

Until then, People get ready - Jesus is coming! Soon we'll be going Home!

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