Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Thoughts

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Someone once asked the Sadhu Sundar Singh if he enjoyed the honor his friends gave him as a minister of the Lord. He answered:
"When Jesus entered Jerusalem, many people spread their clothing and palm branches on the street to honor the Lord. Jesus was riding on a donkey. In this way, the feet of Jesus did not touch the street adorned with clothes and branches, but instead the donkey walked over them.
It would have been very stupid of the donkey if she imagined that she was very important. It was not for her that the people threw their clothes in the streets."
Corrie ten Boom continued:
"Stupid are those who spread the good news of Jesus and expect to receive glory themselves. The glory should go to Jesus. The more people came to this godly man after his meetings, the more the Sadhu Sundar Singh withdrew from the crowd, to be in the silence where God spoke to him. No sensation. No show. He brought them the living Word, Jesus."
With our remembering and rejoicing in Jesus coming into the world, I give thanks to God for elders like the Sadhu Sundar Singh, who point the way, but never stand in the Lord's light!
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