Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday links 12/03/2010

Looking for a great place for Christmas gifts this year -- something that will also help those in need? Check out the Marketplace for the highly respected hunger organization Feed My Starving Children. Note that you can also make direct donations to feed children around the world -- your Christmas present to them! Just US $35 feeds six kids for a month, US $70 feeds one kid for a year. And, of course, your local food bank needs your help, as well!

This kind of hunger help will become more and more needed, as the ability of local people (including local farmers around the world) to feed themselves continues to fail. Many, of course, blame growing hunger on global warming. However, the root cause for hunger today is the still growing economic globalization and corporate domination that's made it more and more impossible (through "patenting" local plants and then charging huge amounts for them, rigging devastating loans that steal land, and depriving them of any water unless they can pay high prices for it, for example) for local people to do what they had done successfully without corporate or United Nations "help" for thousands of years.

Here, just in time for talk-time around the Christmas dinner table, is a list of 10 anti-Gay myths and the information that debunks them. It doesn't cover, though, whether the new TSA pat-downs are part of the 'homosexual agenda' (puhleeze...)

I've never had a problem being both a Christian and someone who loves science -- the two only conflict when people make a religion out of science. But discovering there are perhaps three times as many stars than we knew of before? And seeing just how big God can imagine even on a tiny little earth, and what creatures He can imagine (and imagine more and more)? What an awesome God who planned and loves each of us with even more power than He uses to create and maintain the universe!

The political game in the USA is to keep people on both the "right" and the "left" convinced that there is a substantial difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. And in small things, and in how they talk, there does seem to be some. However, when it comes to who they are and what they actually do and protect and push for, there seems to be very little difference any longer. See, for example, this story, now all over the news: "The Obama administration went to the mat to defend its predecessors from a torture prosecution in Spain last year, a leaked State Department cable shows." I truly believe the USA will play a serious role in the End Times, but not in a good way!

I myself have a wide variety of interests, but wanting to own even a famous person's old coffin? Eeeww! Not so much.But I would go see this new full scale replica of Noah's ark (anyone near Cincinnati?). And if I could knit, I'd make sweaters for bald chickens (they are just so cute!).

Please keep our brother Blake in your prayers this week -- that his parents and family will come to know the truth about what God thinks of Gay people, that Blake will continue to be strong, happy, and healthy as he deals with their unbiblical understandings, and that the Lord will use this to bring all the members of this family to a greater and more glorifying knowledge of Him!

This guy turned his camera so that on this steep hill in San Francisco it looked like the street was level -- but the building was not. Wow! I'd be afraid to park my car sideways on a slope like that!

Thirty two years ago this week, Harvey Milk was assassinated by someone who believed God and the Bible made him a better person than Harvey. By someone who decided that the best way he could prove that was to murder Harvey and another (straight) man. But in 1978, Harvey Milk was about hope -- hope in a time that had almost nothing good to say to or about Gay people. Harvey Milk is one of our great heroes, because he took a stand, even when it was scary, to stand up for people who were hurting. Listen to a piece of one of Harvey's speeches, and see if you agree with him, that "You've got to give them hope."

Finally, Lord, you never let go, so lead us to the Cross!

See you next week!