Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday links 11/19/2010

I love frogs. This little guy (pictured here) is the newest frog species discovered. I just love God's handiwork!

This article about where most people's politics goes when things get tough certainly explains a lot, in the USA today, as well as here and in other countries in decades past. What interests me isn't the politics (I personally am neither "Right", nor "Left", but an all-over independent), but the fact that as things get harder, our sinful human nature tends most often to become more grabby, more hostile, more hurtful -- and not more sharing, more community-oriented, and so on. Human beings as a whole are nothing if not always predictable.

Problem with the above, of course, is that the actual problem is never fixed by everyone just turning on their neighbors. We're told, for example, that the current economic problems in the USA and world are caused by regular people "demanding too much" from the system, and by "unpredictable" variations in the market. Actually, this whole mess has been caused by a few million people at the top of the economic scale who have played with the combined day-to-day wealth of billions of people as if it was all just a big Vegas casino and Mob shakedown. The fact that these big-time gamblers and con men are building, supporting, defending, and loving Babylon -- which God will destroy and pay them back for -- either doesn't occur to them, or doesn't bother them, in the least. And it doesn't seem to occur or seem important to enough of the rest of the world to insist that the laws be enforced and these rip-off artists be made to pay back and rebuild what they broke, and even to go to jail when needed. The End Times are coming, my friends...

When I was still a Roman Catholic years ago, I knew people all the time who played games like this with "forgiveness" and God's mercy. One used to often tell me with a smirk, "The Big Guy and I have an understanding.. (wink wink)" I have absolutely nothing good to say about the Roman church (and it proves me right over and over again), but none of us can afford to forget how often Protestants do this kind of thing to God, as well -- just in our hearts and in our lives, and not to a priest.

Of course, that's not the end of incredible nonsense and evil that Jesus has to put up with from us. There are just too many folks out there like this man calling himself a follower of Jesus Christ, yet complaining that the USA has "feminized" the (war) Medal of Honor because "..we now award it only for preventing casualties, not for inflicting them... So the question is this: when are we going to start awarding the Medal of Honor once again for soldiers who kill people and break things so our families can sleep safely at night?"  There's also this guy who wants everyone to know how oppressed he is by the people he oppresses (huh?).  It's really not  hard to figure out why so many people either don't take Jesus Christ seriously or hate Him because they think Jesus and His worst "followers" are the same.

Did you know that your chance of being in a terrorist attack are about the same as your chances of winning the Powerball twice in the same year? That's about the same as being hit by lightning at night while swimming and simultaneously being attacked by a shark in a mini-malls fountain. Yet we're being told we are not safe unless we submit to to being seen naked, radiated, and felt up in our most personal body areas -- no matter what our religious or personal standards for modesty, or our personal cancer and other medical risks, or our own basic human dignity and sense of safety. We are, in fact, far more likely to die of heart disease that terror attack -- but no one sends agents into our homes to scan and confiscate pharmaceuticals, foods, and other toxics that are actually quite likely to cause our deaths. Amazing... Good for those who are standing up to all this (like here, and here, and here). I certainly will no longer fly until I can do so and retain basic religious and personal modesty.

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how much information gets stored about us by internet companies. This article for GMail users recommends checking and changing/deleting your basic info once a year. There must be ways to check other email providers, as well?

I'm so happy I found this "Strong Password Generator" site. It not only allows you to pick how long it has to be, but then gives you a little memory trick to prevent forgetting it.

Awww! What a cute dog. I'm just sure my dog could do that ;-)

New pamphlet available, so we now have two:
These are available on the "Free Stuff" tab I've added to the top of the blog. I also added a tab for "What I believe", and some other tabs to better sort stuff for Gay Christians (and soon) straight Christians

Finally, I can only imagine what it will be like when Your face is before me (and I can't wait to find out!). Until then, Lord, bring the rain!

See you next week!