Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Links 11/12/2010

The "..least of these" Jesus stuff: 

Don't forget! The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is this Sunday, November 14th. While you're at it, how about helping to get Bibles into places where the Gospel is forbidden (starts at US $30 a month for five Bibles)? Or writing a letter of encouragement this week to a brother or sister who's been imprisoned somewhere in the world for telling other people about Jesus? That will only cost you an international stamp (which you can get for 98 cents at the post office). 

What can you do this week in your local community to help out with the growing hunger problem? Maybe put in a few hours at the food bank or at a soup kitchen, or send them a few bucks? As one of the local homeless people here pointed out to me recently: winter's coming, and it's already cold. How about buying a heavy-duty blanket or a pack of warm socks and taking them down to one of your local distribution centers?

Lord, make me grossed out at things that insult and blaspheme You:

Ugh. Truly, is it really God that gave this person the "miracle" of increased physically attractiveness? What if instead the miracle given was being healed from continuing to obsess over where one fits within the World's ungodly hierarchy of physical looks?

And what about this idolatrous doo-dad anyone can get for the low-low price of being unbiblical? What if instead so many Christians used the discernment God demands of them that wolves like this had to get off their rear ends and get real jobs, instead? 

And how much "exaltation" of God gets done when our "worship" is really someone's "Look at ME! Look at what *I* can do that even the World thinks is wonderful!"  It's not the non-traditional music that makes this whole thing embarrassing (I'm not attached to any particular music, myself). The problem is where this performance pointed the audience's attention: right at these two young men and what they could do, instead of at Jesus and what He can do. Despite how we've been taught to see it, that's not the same thing!

Ok, that made me laugh:

"Hey! Will you get that?" 
"Who was it?" 
(Maybe she could use little robot house guards to chase them off.)

God made cat tongues elegant to impress us with His foresight and skill. He made dog tongues big and sloppy to make sure we always know we're loved. 

Caught my eye:

I saw this "placebo" effect happen in a place I worked once. Some people in an office were complaining that the color of the lighting there was giving them headaches, and demanded another. The lighting guy didn't want to bother, so he did nothing but then stopped by a few days later and asked how they liked their "new" lights. They told him they weren't getting headaches any more. Bad. Really bad.

Isn't this recently revealed subway station beautiful? I wish we still put that much care and artistry into our public spaces, today.

I'm not sure it's really "zero" (since we're human, too, of course), but Child Abuse Rate at Zero Percent in Lesbian Households according to a new study. So much for those who say adopted (and other) children aren't safe around us.

It's part of the deception of this age that those who cause suffering and pain whine and complain so loudly how their victim "hurt" them! It's like having someone punch you in the face and then complain that your hard face hurt their hand! But, they want to have it both ways.

This last week I saw the documentary "Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids". This amazing photographer taught a bunch of these little guys how to use 35mm cameras, and then they went out and documented their world, not only demonstrating their own intelligence and creativity, but also the resilience of the poor. Definitely rent or check out the Documentary Channel for the movie. You can also help out the kids here.


Do we praise Him in the storm? Every tear we cry, He does indeed hold in His hand!

See you next week!

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