Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday links 11/15/2010

Something new - sharing some things for fun, prayer, and thought each Friday. Let me know what you think, or if you have something to add, as well.

They won $11.2 million from a lottery ticket in July. And now every penny is gone. But Allen and Violet Large didn’t spend any of it on themselves. And that’s just the way they like it. I'm sure many people will say they only gave it away because their age or health meant they couldn't enjoy it anyway. But truly, who wouldn't be tempted to have a huge last materialistic fling before leaving this world?

My Son is Gay. Or he’s not. I don’t care. Amazing. We should all have mothers like this. But we all do have a Father even more in love with and protective of us than even this amazing woman.

Wow. Lost at sea, rescued, and their camera found four years later show the divers' miracle survival.  

Former president Bush says "Damn right" he personally ordered the torture of waterboarding. Yet he also personally claims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ -- the Jesus Christ who said "Do unto others" and "Turn the other cheek", and "If you really belong to Me you'll do what I say", and so on. (And before anyone thinks I'm simply being anti-Bush, Obama is the same). The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, and to the extent they don't require us to do things anti-Christian, to go along with them. But too many of us take that to mean "Go along with and encourage these leaders even when they are doing evil we normally have to look to a serial killer for." Seriously, in our culture, intentionally causing people terrifying and debilitating pain and damage to body and mind is understood to be twisted and freaky -- unless it's being done by the government (police, soldiers, spies, et al). Then, we too often believe, it's "ok" or even "Christian". If we believe that, we are just as guilty of breaking Jesus' commandments  as those who are doing or ordering the act. But what if instead of the tens of millions of Christians glorifying Bush and his sins, what if those same tens of millions instead spoke up with the true loving, nonviolent concern of Christ in their hearts and told Bush (or Obama) "You are sinning against God, against our neighbors, and against our enemies. Repent!" That would be the proper and biblical Christian response.

This was interesting, though I can't find the full study version online any more (I only have a PDF - email me if you'd like a copy). But who thinks today about Pentecostals who are interested in peace and social justice? Spirit Empowered Peacemaking: Toward A Pentecostal Peace Fellowship

A question we should be asking ourselves constantly: Is Jesus Enough?

Truth Can Be Toxic and that's the truth. 

Dominion Theology is one of the most satanic heresies alive in what calls itself the Christian church today. Why? Because (among other things) it elevates human beings and lowers the importance and dominion of God. (insert shudder here). Here's an article refuting Dominion Theology and for those who also or instead want to just listen to a discussion about it, there's a 26-minute MP3 here from the same folks.

The National Organization of Marriage folks have taken doing evil in God's Name to new heights in the last few years. But are we also aware of how dangerous they and those who listen to them are to the US Constitution. The Prop 8 Trial Tracker people would like you to know: NOM: The people your (Founding) Fathers warned you about

Spectacular pictures of Earth as seen from the International Space Station. Wow.

A friend sent me this, and I laughed out loud. I'm also betting these two dogs were actually adopted shortly after their "ruinous" behavior: Hyperactive Dogs Ruin Adoption

Needing a musical lift today? Check out How He Loves Us (YouTube) from Kim Walker.

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