Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 reasons to be delivered from being Christian Right

["Three reasons to be delivered from being Christian Left", here] 

Are you identified with the so-called "Christian Right"?
Here are five reasons you need to pray that God will deliver you into real salvation:

1. The Christian Right ignores and rebels against God's authority and sovereignty. 

That's not what the Christian Right believes about itself, of course. In fact, the Christian Right believes itself to be the only one actually standing up for God's authority and sovereignty. But the Bible tells us again and again -- and in plain language anyone can understand -- that those who love and fear God do what He says

"But we do exactly what God says!" is the answer of the Christian Right. But even non-Christians and atheists can see that's so far from true as to be pathetic, if not maddening. And we can even pick simple examples to prove it, because it's just not hard to see the hypocritical rejection of God's command and authority -- not hard, that is, unless one is caught in the Christian Right web.

The most obvious example is the love, support, and glorification of war -- and the terror, rape, torture, hatred, and destruction that always comes with it. The Christian Right is absolutely perverse in its insistence on and involvement with war. Yet God commands Christians to never return evil for evil, and to instead pray for our enemies. God's Word tells us that those who belong to Him respond in love, not bullets, and care, not sexual assault and baby-killing, and like Jesus, not the devil. The Christian Right tells God to stuff it, regarding His command to not return evil for evil.

Another obvious example is what God says about human authority. God says that Christians are not to keep hierarchies amongst ourselves, or to give or take authoritarian titles for ourselves. But the Christian Right obsesses on human authority and hierarchy, and -- rather than interpreting Paul's words on authority within the commands of Jesus (in other words, not being satisfied until we understand Paul in ways that don't discount Jesus) -- the Christian Right has from the beginning created and worshiped levels of "specialness" in its churches, and made up rules saying people have to submit to sinful human authority or go to hell, and more. The Christian Right tells God to blow off, regarding His command to be simply servant-brothers and servant-sisters to one another.

One final example, related to the last. The Christian Right claims to be taking the Bible literally. That's why, it says, it says women have to dress like (insert dress code here), and Gay people are condemned, and so on. Yet the Christian Right picks and chooses, and explains away those of God's commands it doesn't like. Example? Regarding Jesus command that His followers not be hierarchical or give/take titles, as above? The Christian Right commentary in my Bible says that to actually do what Jesus says there is "unreasonable literalism". Meaning, because that command doesn't match what their sinful natures want to do, they ignore or reinterpret it. The Christian Right tells God to take a hike, regarding obeying and preaching all of what He says, and not just what it wants to obey and preach.

2. The Christian Right is suffering under the strong delusion God sends to those whose hearts reject the real God for the false god of their own creation. 

We wouldn't know it from listening to the pontifications and reinterpretations of the Christian Right, but the Bible actually spends most of its time condemning and warning against those who claim to be God's people but aren't -- and very little time condemning or warning against those who don't. It's part of the delusion the Christian Right suffers under, then: to continue to falsely believe itself not only God's people but the best of God's people, while believing God's warnings are for everyone but themselves. I remember years ago, for example, seeing a Gay-hating "Christian" holding up a sign outside a Gay event. The sign said:
"How will you escape the sentence of hell? Matthew 23:33"

I looked it up. Is that scripture truly a condemnation of Gay people, or even of immoral people? No! It's one sentence out of a long speech Jesus gave condemning legalists and religionists that wreak havok and insult God by claiming to be His people and doing His work while pleasing only their own disgusting sinful natures. 

The man was carrying a sign that condemned himself! Was he understanding that? Was he reading his own sign and falling on his knees to cry repentance before the Lord? No! He was suffering under a strong delusion - one that falls on those who prefer human religious wickedness instead of God's authority, who work on Satan's side, and fall for counterfeit religious power, signs, and wonders. Will this man be saved? Not unless he becomes better than the Pharisee that he is! 

3. The Christian Right is built and sustained entirely on mistranslations and misinterpretations of the Bible.  

We've already covered a bit of this above, in the example of "take God's Word literally when it pleases me, and allegorically/spiritually/whatever when it doesn't". But it bears a full mention of just how foundational the delusions of the Christian Right depend on mistranslations and misinterpretations of the Bible. How many of us have looked into our Christian-Right-translated Bibles and seen the word "homosexual" inserted into the text, when God didn't put anything even close to that there? How many poor people, women, racial minorities, religious minorities, and others have suffered under grossly sinful human oppression and been told falsely that "the Bible" says God likes it that way? Those who identify with the Christian Right memorize these false teachings, and then memorize the Christian Right defenses of these false teachings, and then go out into the world as "servants of righteousness", serving their prettied-up demonic master. 

4. The Christian Right today is the prideful descendant of all the God-rejecting God-pretenders of the last several thousand years. 

There's nothing new about today's Christian Right. It's simply the newest wrapper on the same old hypocritical religiousity that pridefully stands in God's spotlight while directing people away from the real God. Jesus named the sin of the Pharisees: hypocrisy. But the Bible also shows us the same sin in the "Jews" of the Old Testament who pretended to be God's people while mocking and offending Him with their evil hearts and religious pretense,  the Pharisee "Jews" of the New Testament who did the same, and the "Christians" who picked up that idolatrous torch to carry it into the future. History shows us the same gross sin, pretending to be about God while doing the devil's work, creating, defending, and living false teachings in the church even while the apostles still lived, and then continuing into the teachings of the so-called "Church Fathers" (who recreated the Bible so it better fit their pagan philosophies), the Roman and Orthodox churches (which whored the church to the world's political system), and finally into the various Protestant denominations and churches (which simply picks and chooses among the historical God-dethroning, human-elevation practices and beliefs it likes and doesn't like). Stink remains stink, no matter what food coloring one puts in it.

5. The Christian Right is building and supporting the False Prophet of the End Times. 

There's a lot of debate regarding who the "False Prophet" of the End Times will be. What we can know for certain even now is that the False Prophet will be a person or system who:
Seems to be part of God's real people, but is part of what only pretends to be God's (so it can't be something that isn't part of the JudeoChristian religion). 
  • Is filled with unclean spirits (and so isn't filled with the Holy Spirit). 
  • Deceives people about what's really God, and what isn't (and deceives itself, as well).
  • Helps get people connected to and worshiping the Anti-Christ, instead of the real Christ (doing things the world's/devil's way, instead of God's way). 
  • Will be punished forever for his/her/its sins against God (and not rewarded for its "service" in God's Name, as it expects). 
And that's all about the Christian Right. 

If you are part of the Christian Right, I fear for your salvation, and I hope that more and more of your brothers and sisters will, as well.We need to pray, as you need to pray, that you will:
  • Repent of your God-rejection, dethroning the human / religious authority you've made higher than the Lord, and submitting to what God truly requires of you.
  • Feel God unharden your heart and remove the strong delusion that's an early punishment of your preference for wickedness and unlawful religious living over Jesus.
  • Study and then know God's real Word, His real Bible, in the contexts (historical, linguistic, and so on) that He decided they be in, and no longer under the false human veneer of pride, power, and greed that you've previously known it under. 
  • Reject hypocrisy and religiousity like you'd drop hot slime. 
  • Come out of Babylon, the false human system that God wants all His people to remove themselves from, being saved, then, from the punishments those who remain are promised to receive.
Choose Jesus, our Christian Right brothers and sisters! Many of us have been freed from the sin known today as "Christian Right". You can be freed as well -- if you choose to be free!