Monday, October 19, 2009

What IF churches closed? (Child of the Wind)

I don't remember how (I rarely do), but I came across this great blog the other day, called Child of the Wind.

Written by Les, a straight brother in Australia, it's lately been a heartfelt and personal sharing regarding how (or whether) to maintain his faith and religious life after losing his trust in "the Church", and his ideas regarding theology (and his own changing theologies) in trying to make things make sense in the Christian world. 

And you thought only Gay people went through that.

While I was checking my blog feeds at lunch today, I came across his post called "What if churches closed?" and it really got me thinking:

What if churches closed? 

My first thought (which I commented) was: 

"Closing local churches would also allow a renewal of faith among many who assume that since they don't like the garbage there they can't be christian. What an opportunity to see Jesus from our heart out, rather than from the church in."
I really understand these days -- more than I ever have in my entire life -- the difference between:
  • the human church -- which we can't not see all around us, and,
  • Jesus' church -- which we can only truly know when we give up proclaiming and living for the human church. 
It's hard for all of us to learn the difference. And the more soaked into the human church we are, the more God has to rub away before we can learn.

While He's doing that, it can feel very painful, and disorientating, and even lonely.

But it's got to be done.

It's got to be done.

Why? Because as long as we continue to imagine that God can only accomplish His plan by our action or participation, then we're batting for the Wrong Team. 

As long as we imagine that God requires us to set up special buildings and have "clergy" and hymnals and so on to do His work and be blessed ourselves, then we're fooling ourselves as much as Adam and Eve did, when they decided to do God's plan one better, by making sure to add their own "little touch".

And we're also making it harder for those around us who continue to reject Jesus simply because they are also confused into thinking that the muck and mire of human-based churches defines who God is and what He wants from and for us.

Personally, I imagine and look for the day when all churches are closed. When the idea that anyone needs anything within human power or participation in order to know the Lord, is laughed at for the silly devil's trick that it is.

When all can see Jesus -- face to face.


  1. I found your blog today through Child of the Wind's blog. I'm so glad I did! If churches closed it might just begin to allow us to see more clearly, I think.

  2. Hi Meg, I think in most cases, you are so right! There are certainly the minority of fellowships that are truly Holy-Spirit- rather than human-filled, and thank God for those and the example they shine with. But for the rest? I truly believe we'd be better off without!

  3. Churches have become to big to serve their purpose. They should consist of 9-10 people who confess their sins to the group. It's easier to sin and get away with it in a larger group than a smaller group.

  4. I agree that churches have become too big for what they are supposed to be -- but I also see that they have become world-based in how they function, what they consider "normal" ways of operating, and so on. Almost all churches today are simply "God clubs", no more in touch with the Spirit of God than a "train club" or a "poker club" or a "knitting club".

  5. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and that we are to trust completely in His plan- not our plan. Some churches are so corrupt and so far from the loving kindness that Christ showed it makes my heart ache. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and as such should love one another- just as Christ loves us- regardless. That being said, I've found a beautiful church that does just this- and believe we should all seek to find fellowship that truly follows God's plan for us. I don't think all churches should be closed, but a reaching out from the true body of Christ to dead and corrupt Christians/churches. Since I've come to know Christ I have also come to know Christians that spread hatred- the exact opposite of His teachings. And THAT being said, we plant the seed of love and pray that it grows. We cannot change them- God can; and our prayers are needed for all. Give praise to God because only He can change their hearts, and pray that He does change hearts, in His time, not ours.
    God Bless