Sunday, October 4, 2009

Free pamphet: "Is someone trying to steer you away from Jesus?"

We have a free pamphlet you can download and give out to your friends, or to use as part of your own local ministry outreach to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender community.

It's a PDF, and formatted to be a double-sided, tri-fold pamphlet.

Note that it has a large area on the back where you can put your own local info on it, if you like (like a phone number or address your group can be reached at).

But you can also pass it around anonymously if that's better for you, as it has a link (in smaller letters) to this blog, so if people who read it have questions or need to contact someone they have that opportunity.

This is an easy, quick read, and uses the Bible to provide "5 Points to Peace" to being sure that God does not condemn Queer people.

And, as I said, it's completely free.

The only limitations to using it are that you cannot charge anyone anything related to using it, printing it, and so on. You cannot violate the copyright and pretend it's your own. And so on. See the copyright notice on the back-bottom for more info. And note that all these limitations are simply intended to make sure the info here stays protected and isn't used by wolves to fleece a wounded flock.

The pamphlet is currently stored at our new files storage site, at:

Let me know if you have feedback.

In His love,


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