Saturday, April 21, 2012

Really! No junk - just Jesus!

Did you know that Jesus in the Bible actually taught that he would never be represented by most of the people who would claim to do so?

In fact, his Bible warns us explicitly to recognize and avoid these glitzy-holy "Christians". It tells us over and over that he condemns people who claim to be about him but really aren't, and he rejects their hurtful, violent, judging, hypocritical, and oppressive actions (they don't teach you that part of the Bible in Sunday School or on television, do they?)

The Old and New Testaments of the Bible describe again and again the garbage religious human beings have piled on top of what God really wanted of them, only to then pretend NOT doing what God wants is what God really wants after all. Crazy!

There's a better way. A way that Jesus invited us to live. It's not hard to learn. In fact, the more "educated" you get trying to figure out it, the further you'll actually end up from the real Jesus and the message he and his first followers wanted you to understand.

Jesus' way truly is about love - but it's also about justice, peace, and turning even (especially) the Christian religious world out in the cold.

Jesus' way isn't about rejecting Gays, or downgrading women, or oppressing the poor - and it isn't about re-translating and reinterpreting the Bible to make it seem he is (though 2,000 years of "scholars" have done just that).

If you've rejected Jesus because you think he's as jerky as the evil-minded, shallow-hearted people who've hurt and disgusted you and others you care about, give him another (real) try.

Check out (the real) Jesus. He's not where they say he is. He's not part of their plans. He's right here, wanting to be THE source of love, strength, mercy, and justice that lives in your heart.

Go for it. No junk - just Jesus.

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