Friday, January 20, 2012

Best of / Q: "How can good people remain Christian?"

We seem to be starting a new tradition here at the blog. Folks have emailed to let me know that they are enjoying our Gospel study, but they are also enjoying the "Best of" posts I started several weeks back when I was still too under the weather to make a study post.

Many of you have been around for some time - in fact, I've known some of you for well over a dozen years. Some of you have been enjoying reading the older stuff again, like "reminders". But others haven't been around or visiting as long, and didn't realize the older stuff (some of which is more than ten years old, and was simply transferred over here when I moved to Blogger in 2009) was also here. But yes, it's true - I've been doing online ministry for many years. I started back when AOL was still THE place to be online, and my AOL profile indicated who I was (that was back when I was still spiritually immature enough to let myself be called "Reverend" and such) and that I was available to chat with anyone who was interested in prayer or healing. So I'd get between several and several dozen instant messages a week, and chat with each.

Thing is, I discovered very quickly that most folks had the same questions or issues they were struggling with, in trying to heal from bad "Christianity". And they often needed more stuff to read or think about than I could give them through an instant message. So I started writing longer things down and then started a web site posting them, so I could give folks links to those longer things, in addition to our prayer and chat. Then people started contacting me just to give me more questions to answer, so I'd write answers and post those, as well.

That's how all this got started more than ten years ago, and I'm currently working on a (non-profit) book to put this all together - something quality enough to last, but also cheap so it can be shared and handed around to people offline, as well (something else I've been requested to do). Please pray that God will give me strength and energy enough to finish it, with everything else I'm also doing right now!

So anyway - that's the medium-long version of why the older "Question" posts exist, and I'm happy to share them again, as long as folks are interested in reading them. I'm think maybe I'll do two Gospel study posts, and then a "Best of"/Question post? Let me know what you think.  

Today, because I've been getting asked this question a lot this week, I'm sharing "How can good people remain Christian?" And, as always, I welcome your comments, criticism, and questions. Prayer requests and just plain old friendly chit-chat continue to be welcome, as well :-)

Take care until next week!


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