Friday, August 13, 2010

Good for you, Anne Rice

Here's a comment I added to another blog regarding Anne Rice and her recent decision to abandon "church" and go with Jesus, instead:
I've also tried and failed on several occasions, in the conservative and liberal versions of both Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, to be a part of what's called "the Church" by human beings. I've walked away from church, and thought I had to walk away from Jesus.
 That's an error, if not an outright lie.
 Even the Bible itself warns that most of us are going to get it completely wrong -- unless we are willing to follow Jesus, and not each other, not ourselves. The Bible itself tells us that most people who say they are God's People will even go so far as doing God's work -- and still not have Jesus' heart.
It's still possible to be a Christian, and not be the anti's. It's still possible to get it right, and actually be a good thing in the world, and not just another spout for evil. But the trick is to stick with Jesus, just as Anne Rice and so many of us are now learning each day.
Good for you, Anne! You're on the narrow path. And that's a good thing!

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