Saturday, January 9, 2010

The evil of fake-good evil

It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the evil in this world.

It's even easier to be tricked into calling good what's actually evil, to do and be things in God's Name that God hasn't assigned us to do.

As human beings, we like it. We like believing we're on God's side, even when we're actually doing the devil's work. We want to believe we're one of the "Good Guys", even when our actions and results say otherwise.

We even pride ourselves -- especially if we are "in ministry" -- in how "God is using me!". We too often completely forget that God used even the worst of the evil Babylonians and Romans -- but that never meant they were on His side, or doing things His way. 

The Bible tells us that God will use what human beings make, all for the good of those who love Him (see Romans 8:28, for example).Which doesn't mean that God loves evil, but rather that God is so in control He can use even evil against itself, out of love for us.

Which should make us quite humble, in how we approach and interact with the world around us.  How many straight "Christians", for example, chase hundreds and even thousands of Gay and Lesbian people AWAY from Jesus for every one they bring to Him? They claim to be doing this in God's Name, but the results say otherwise. Therefore, they can only count their sins among those who have worshiped other gods, committed murder, and robbed the poor.

A little more Spirit-led humility from them would prevent such disastrous and ungodly evil.
  • A little more willingness to see what God is actually doing within the Gay community, and to reject -- as Peter did (Acts 10) -- what they only believe has to be what God's "Law" requires when it obviously doesn't match what God is doing. 
  • A little more willingness to actually trust in the Lord, instead of asking the Lord to trust in what they're doing for Him. 
It's easy enough to see the gross evil of anti-Gay "Christians". Even other straight people see and are disgusted by their god-rejecting hypocrisy.

But do we also see the same kind of evil in ourselves, especially if it's a little more subtle, a little less harsh, a little more "friendly"? 

The Gay Christian community is truly coming into its own, in the last 25 years. Unfortunately, with that has come the same sins and problems that have haunted straight churches and straight Christians for so long. And now, it's too easy to see that many Gay Churches and Gay Christians today are also turning off hundreds and thousands of people away from Christ, for every one they bring to Him.

  • By also being and building crappy human "churches" and then telling people what they find in them is "Jesus".
See, it just doesn't matter how much we want to do "for the Lord", when the Lord hasn't asked us to do it.

It just doesn't matter how pretty the human church idol we want to build for God is, when the Lord said 2,000 years ago to tear it down and never rebuild it.

It just doesn't matter how much "good" we think we're doing, when what we're doing is on the devil's worksheet, and not Jesus'.

Jesus came and died and rose again 2,000 years ago to put Himself into people's hearts -- and that includes Gay people's hearts. He came to show us how powerfully He loves each of us. How far He is willing to go to be on our side. How pleased He is for us to be exactly as He created us to be.

And that's what Gay people need to know about today. 
  • Not "your" church.
  • Not "your" theology.
  • Not "your" denomination or clerical rank or services or good works or anything else you can name.
Gay people need to hear about Jesus, and the loving relationship Jesus wants to have with them, in the place and way and life they live right now. Right now!

And that's it.

Anything more? Is just fake-good evil.


  1. Thank you for this post. The concept of what is evil has been on my mind this week. Maybe you were moved to write this by the Holy Spirit?

  2. I pray that *every*thing I write is from Holy Spirit motivation :) That's one reason this blog isn't updated on a certain schedule. I wait until I feel moved to write something, rather than forcing out something a certain number of times a week, for example.

    Thanks for your feedback!