Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Clobber passage" audio teachings

We got a request to make sure the so-called "clobber passage" audio teaching files we did some time ago continued to be available, even after the site is no more.

The hard part was finding a host that would store and make these available for free (due to their size). As you may remember, we decided several months back to change over to free, rather than pay, sites. That way all this info continues to be available no matter what our income happens to be at any given time.

In any event, I found a site this morning, and I've moved the files there.

You can access these files through these links. Simply right-click on the one(s) you are interested in, and choose download to listen from your own PC (probably faster / better audio):

What does God really say in:
Let me know if you have difficulties accessing or using these.

In His love,



  1. Thank you for putting so much effort into ensuring these will remain available! I know these will bring me comfort when I am attacked for being a gay Christian with a "clobber passage."

  2. You are very welcome, Bridgeout! May God continue to bring you comfort through the truth of His real Word!