Friday, September 25, 2009

Poem: "Heretic"

A poem sent to us recently by a young brother who's been very active in working to help straight, conservative Christians understand that the Bible does not condemn us, and who's been struggling under the weight of this huge task. 

by Christopher Cool
11 September 2009
The wolves return to the pasture once again
To feast upon their usual unwary prey --
They with their antics drive the flock insane
All while they whine that they don't have their way.

They blame abortion, liberals, and the gays --
Screaming that evil has torn this country down --
And though they swear to uphold God's holy ways
I'd bet their fathers formed His thorny crown.

How now can man know sure that which is right
With enemies hid behind a sheep's disguise?
Why am I now a heretic in your sight --
When Truth has been confounded by your lies?

We mourn attacks on country and our flag --
"Humbling" ourselves through fasting for a day --
But is our righteousness more than filthy rags
Because we cry, "God bless the USA"?

Our patriots shout, "Them hippie-types be damned!"
At us who protest our war-created void --
But what is such devotion to our homeland --
If not an idol, like those He once destroyed?

We try to justify those bloody fights --
As though our brethren needed reasons why!
Am I now but a heretic in your sight --
When you're the ones who've made the truth a lie?

And what of you smiling hypocrites in robes
Who trample orphans and widows like the grass?
Where were you to condemn the acts of homophobes?
Where will you stand, in the Judgement soon to pass?

Oh no! We're "preserving marriage" or "protecting kids"!
So that allows you to say what you will, it seems --
Well, here's a message I hope gets through your heads:
It is NEVER true that ends justify the means!

But no, you all but slaughter human rights
As though your work is sanctioned from on high --
And am I now a heretic in your sight --
When your hateful words are full of blatant lies?

I've had enough - no more will I bridle my tongue
When the very world is an enemy of the human race --
I will not look upon where my Lord was hung
And forget why on that cross He chose His place.

In a world where all around me I see hell
You cannot scare me with, "What if tomorrow He came?"
Scoff me, scorn me, call me what you will --
I will walk His path before me all the same.

And though I hope and pray you'll embrace the light --
Just know I can't ignore your works before my eyes.
I'll gladly be a heretic in your sight --
If you won't stop defending all your lies.

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